True, unadulterated beauty and craftsmanship goes into each of T-Michael's pieces. Details, quality, tradition and style are few of the words that come to mind. Furthering the art and heritage of artisanal techniques of the past and redefining ready to wear styling of the present.

T-Michael blurs the gap between bespoke tailoring and ready to wear by capturing the essence and ethos of traditional menswear in a present day zeitgeist.

A bespoke tailor's universe expands to include bags and shoes ... with a twist.


Skostredet 9A
N-5017 Bergen map
(+47) 452 34 336
Mon-wed: 11-17,
Thursday: 11-19
Friday: 11-18
Saturday: 11-16


Kirkegt 20
N-0153 Oslo map
(+47) 913 92 854
Mon-fri: 12-18
Saturday: 12-17